Thursday, January 16, 2014

Siberian Huskies

We are excited to announce 2 up coming litters of puppies. Having a husky for sale is exciting and we can't wait to see the new baby puppies. Our first sib Jordan is grey with black and white and has a medium length coat. She also has an unusual black mask on her face. She will have some beautiful black and white puppies.

Amber will have a littler of puppies about 3 weeks later. We expect them to be born sometime in late March to early April of 2014. Amber is grey and white and really has that wolfish look to her. She has medium length hair as well. She should have grey and white as well as black and white adorable puppies. We can't wait to see them all! If you're looking for a husky puppy for sale just be sure to stop by our website and see us.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Husky Puppies Make Great Pets

If you have ever considered buying a puppy one of the best choices you could ever make is buying a husky puppy. Be aware that this would not be the best choice for a first time owner. A husky puppy needs a lot of training. They also need a stern owner as a husky puppy will always test your limits. They are highly intelligent and easy to train but you must be willing to train your puppy for life.

Huskies need a lot of room to run and play. If you live in an apartment with no park nearby, you may want to consider a different breed. You must exercise a husky daily. If left alone for long periods of time they get bored. A bored husky is a destructive husky. You may come home to find your sofa pillows shredded with pieces all over your house.

Husky puppies get along with other dogs but they will aggravate other dogs to death because they can usually out last them when it comes to playing. Everything to a husky is a game 24-7 non-stop. If you have older dogs then adding a husky to the mix may not be a good ideal. Imagine having a 3 year old kid around for 12-14 years. That will be you if you decide to own a husky puppy.

If a husky still sounds like a good fit for you then you should consider buying a husky puppy from a good breeder that takes good care of their puppies and offers a health certificate. Many good breeders have husky puppies for sale. Some will offer top quality champion bloodlines but usually cost more. A good breeder won't have puppies every month of the year and you may have to get on a waiting list to secure a puppy from an upcoming planed litter.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Editor’s Letter

Hi everyone!  Welcome to our 11th issue .We’re gearing up for our 1-year anniversary issue (we can hardly believe it’s been a year already!) and are thrilled to announce our 1-Year Anniversary Party on July 29. Please save the date! We'll keep you posted with more details.

Things have been busy here at the studio and shop with events this past month. Thank you all that came out to our s'mores get together! We had 2 waves of guests and it was really fun just hanging out with friends and celebrating our tenth issue over ooey gooey s'mores. We hope you can join us for our next get together on June 30 at 7pm. This time, we’ll be toasting with root beer floats! Bring your favorite vintagewedding dresses with us.

When we were putting together this issue, we thought of this grand idea to have a mini challenge involving a few teams to recreate past weddings from our parents’ times and make them modern. But as we started to develop the issue more,we just realized that we should keep it simple just as like the stories behind the photos. This issue is all about love and less about the details. When we look at wedding photos from our parents' or grandparents days, everything was simple and beautiful. Weddings back then did not have all the details of today's weddings, yet they were still as beautiful and loving. We hope that when planning your wedding you remember the true meaning of “union".

As for our next issue, we're keeping it under wraps. It's our big anniversary issue and we have a great issue planned. It'll be worth the wait... trust us!

Thank you all for your continued support and feedback. We hope to see you all at our get together and our Anniversary party. It's going to be a blast!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

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Monday, March 25, 2013

SEO Myths Debunked

There are several reasons why there is misunderstanding with search engines. The formulas and rules constantly change, which means that only a handful of people will actually understand what is going on with search engines. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, to ensure spam is kept under control. This leads to SEO myths, beginning from increasing high rankings to getting indexed. In order to succeed with SEO, it is essential that you can tell a myth from reality. This is to ensure you don’t embrace the numerous SEO myths existing on the internet.

Some websites in the hope of increasing their ranking on search engines use a header tag, but this has been found to be one of the SEO myths and does not have an impact on your rank. However, this myth is kept alive, with website owners using keywords in their header tag, even though it has been proven that doing this will in no way effect the ranking. If you want to be certain, however, you can run a few tests. It is recommended that there should be a minimal use of header tags, and only if the design your page fits it. To streamline the effect of your website, simply ignore these tags once and for all.

Website owners are also mistaken with the idea that it is possible to fool search engines. If you mislead the search engines, it means that you mislead the people as well. Fooling the search engines might bring in your targeted traffic, but will it convert into sales?  Effective SEO content means creating good content, building back links naturally and pleasing the search engines in general. This is another SEO myth debunked.

SEO myths also state that buying links from another website will get you banned. The truth is you shouldn’t buy similar links to influence your website ranking, and if these links have been paid for, the search engines wouldn’t know if. However, even if it is discovered that you have paid for links, instead of banning your website, these links will simply be ignored.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Food basics flyer

When it comes to buying your groceries, no one wants to waste their hard earned money on dining out or at expensive supermarkets and grocery stores. After all, there are plenty of other options available. Saving bucks while still ticking off every single item on your grocery list is an added joy. With the popular trend of online shopping, many websites have sprouted all over the place offering great deals and savings. Food coupons are attracting more and more people to do their grocery shopping online instead of at a real brick and mortar store. Customers find these websites convenient and easy and visit them often to get the best deals without having to shell out their hard earned money! These sites are bringing in hundreds to thousands of people looking for the best deals and vouchers which help them enjoy their food at great discounts. One such site that offers customers some of the best deals you will find on the internet is food basics flyer Ontario!

Food basics flyer has gained a huge following with its website providing hot deals on a weekly basis. Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to cut corners in their grocery bill. The concept of finding fresh deals is spreading quickly amongst consumers and websites are being checked daily so that people don’t miss out on great shopping deals. Food basics flyer will help you do just that. Now, you can purchase all your favorite brands and still be able to save money in the process.

Food basics flyer is the best place to get a great savings when it comes to all your family needs! Each week food basics flyer Ontario will give you a list of hundreds of great savings to choose from. These savings can amount to hundreds of dollars on some your favorite brands like Crest, Kraft, Uncle Ben, Heinz, Yoplait and so much more. Food basics flyer is all about finding the best deals and offers round. Food basics flyer offers its loyal customers great promotions aside from the weekly deals and savings!

Diet food delivery

Each year millions of people make losing weight their number one priority. However, the modern day and age is fast paced which has made the food world spin quickly on its wheels. You may know that it is easy to eat and hard to diet. Yet, the quick pace of this world makes you do otherwise. Now, there are new ways to include your favorite dishes in your daily diet and still be able to lose weight.

Diet food delivery programs is a newly introduced concept which helps people looking to reduce weight reach their goals without having to bear the responsibility of food planning. This is one reason why services such as BistroMD, Jennie Craig and Diet-to-go have gained immense popularity in the last few years. These diet food delivery programs are not made up of frozen diets. They are delivered fresh and are real dishes. Today, you will see that diet food delivery programs have real chefs along with nutritionists come together to prepare tasty meals that would resemble a meal you would likely order at a fine restaurant. These meals are designed to help you lose weight whilst at the same time being inexpensive.

With diet food delivery programs, it is possible for you to both lose weight and save money. When you consider your weekly groceries, snacks, trips to coffee houses and cafes you can see it will come to quite a penny. The diet food delivery program includes all this food as well as snacks. This means that you don’t have to waste your time carousing the grocery store, except when you need some fresh vegetables and fruits. You will not have to spend your time cooking or making frequent trips to the fast food joint. Diet food delivery programs are easy and simple. Chefs and dieticians work together to create simple but effective meals. You will get to enjoy nutritious, tasty and balanced meals that will help you achieve weight loss. Simple heat and serve!